04/04 Humanlytics Progress Report

We hope you’ve been doing well! We’ve been busy working on our web analytics tool, which will ingest your website data through Google Analytics and present to you actionable business recommendations through interactive content.

Our biggest update is that we’re scheduled to release our MVP (minimum viable product) for beta testing in mid-April! Sign up for our newsletter to get updates on the product release. Also, please email us at patrick@humanlytics.co if you’d like to beta test our Google Analytics web app with your data for free!

That having been said, here is our progress on product, content, and business development for the weeks of 3/20–4/3:

Product Development

Thanks to the hard work of our graphic designer John Sun and our development team, we just finalized our wireframes for the first version of our MVP!

  • A lot of thought has gone into achieving the ideal balance between simplicity and complexity of information design.
  • On the one hand, we don’t want to fall into the trap of presenting too much information for the average layperson to handle (like so many data analytics products currently on the market); after all, if everything is important, then nothing is important. We want our users to just focus on one actionable insight at a time to avoid information overload and paralysis.
  • On the other hand, we don’t want to water down the insights to the point where our recommendations don’t properly capture the nuances of customer behavior.
  • More than anything, we want to make sure our recommendations are both accurate and actionable.

Content Development

Over the last 2 weeks, we pushed out two content pieces that we want to highlight:

(1) How to turn your 8 Google Analytics dashboard metrics into boat loads of insights

  • In this post in our Google Analytics Fundamentals series, we talk about how to distill actionable business insights from just the 8 metrics on the Google Analytics dashboard.
  • More importantly, we outline how we are rearranging these 8 metrics into a better-designed dashboard for our new MVP — so that you can know at a glance how your website is doing in terms of (a) traffic, (b) popularity (traction), and © engagement.

(2) How to Build a Lean Small Business Using the One Metric That Matters

  • This article describes why it’s essential that small businesses adopt lean startup thinking. What is lean startup? It boils down to iterating quickly through the build-measure-learn cycle.
  • We also explain how lean analytics can help small businesses learn and measure their progress — by focusing on just one metric.

Business Development

  • Speaking of lean startup, we’ve been focusing all our time and energy on product development in this past two-week sprint, in order to push out the first version of our web analytics tool for testing in mid-April. Once it’s released, we will be conducting user testing and gathering feedback with at least 100 users.
  • We’re also getting more traction on social media and our Medium blog. Over the last month, we’ve added 216 new followers (a 30% growth) on Twitter, 100% more page views on Facebook, 1,700 views on Medium. Please follow us and share our articles with friends to help us get more traction online!
  • We just got a new Linkedin page! Follow us with this link.

Action Items

  1. Sign up for our newsletter (or email us at patrick@humanlytics.co) if you’d like to test out the beta for free (with your website data). We’d love to get your feedback!
  2. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and Medium to help us make data analytics accessible to small businesses.
  3. Shoot us an email at bill@humanlytics.co if you have any feedback, suggestions, or questions on our content. Thanks!