04/18 Humanlytics Progress Report

MVP Release This Month | Pop Analytics Series | Google Analytics Video Tutorials

We’re back again with our biweekly progress report!

Top 3 Updates

  1. We just kicked off our new “Pop Analytics” series (short for Popular Analytics) — a more accessible/fun primer on Google Analytics
  2. Follow us on Twitch to watch our new Google Analytics Video Tutorials series!
  3. We’re on track to release MVP for user testing this month

As usual, here is our progress on product, content, and business development for the weeks of 4/3–4/18:

Product Development

We’re still on track to release our first google analytics web tool prototype for alpha testing this month!

Our development team is hard at work turning John’s wireframes into a functional prototype for user testing. Although we have a very skilled front-end developer (Sarah) and graphic designer (John), we don’t have a full-time UI/UX designer, so we’ll be paying attention to user feedback on UI once we start alpha testing.

Bill, on the other hand, as our resident data scientist and subject matter expert, is finishing up the scoring algorithm for Google Analytics analysis. He’s also working on remodeling the database on the back-end.

Thanks again to the 20+ people who have already agreed to do user testing with us — we are forever indebted to you. We’ll notify you know as soon as the prototype is ready for testing.

If you haven’t signed up and would like to test the tool for free (with your website data), it’s not too late! All you need is the login of the google analytics account of your organization’s website. If you’re interested in getting some free actionable insights about your website, shoot Patrick an email at patrick@humanlytics.co! Also, sign up for our newsletter to get updates on the product release.

Content Development

Google Analytics Video Tutorials Series

Humanlytics just started a Twitch account, where we will be live video streaming new content. For example, my cofounder Patrick Han asked me if I could run a series of live screenshare video tutorials where I walk through a google analytics consulting session using website data. These demo sessions turned out to be a great way to learn how to use google analytics, so we thought — why not live stream and record these sessions so that our followers can learn from them as well?

So from now on, we will try to release one video every week to walk through how to approach the 4 business questions you can answer with Google Analytics. We started our first video with an introduction to the value of digital analytics and framing the questions we will explore in the next few weeks. Look out for the youtube link to our first video in our email digest this Friday. Email Patrick at patrick@humanlytics.co if there are any tutorials or questions you’d like us to cover.

Venture For America Training Camp Session

We are currently in talks with Venture for America (VFA) to give a Google Analytics live training for the incoming 2017 fellows at their training camp this June. We thought this training would be a value add for the fellows because web analytics is critical to most job positions in most early-stage companies. We’ve found that web analytics is crucial to both digital marketing strategy (seeing what content and channels are getting traction) and for customer development (e.g. developing buyer personas).

We will give a high-level overview of digital analytics and make sure fellows walk away with a skillset to add value to their organizations from day one. We’ll make sure to record the presentation so the training is available to all our followers.

Venture Academy

We will also be converting the content from our Google Analytics Fundamentals series into a course format for Venture Academy, VFA’s online course platform. If we find that this online course is valuable to our audience, we may shift our content strategy to be more educational in its format.

Again, shoot us an email at patrick@humanlytics.co if you have any suggestions for topics or questions you’d like us to cover in our VFA training camp presentation or our Venture Academy course.

Business Development

We’re still getting consistent growth on social media and our Medium blog. Over the last month, we’ve added:

  • Twitter: 165 new followers (about 20% growth) and 40% more impressions
  • Facebook: 87% more page views
  • Medium: 1143 views

Please follow us and share our articles with friends to help us get more traction online!

Don’t forget to follow our new Linkedin page and our new Twitch page!

Action Items

  1. We’d love to hear your feedback/suggestions on our blog content: bit.ly/HMLsurvey
  2. Email us at patrick@humanlytics.co (and sign up for our newsletter) if you’d like to test out the prototype for free with your website data.
  3. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitch, and Medium to help us make data analytics accessible to small businesses.

Thanks so much for your support. Until next time!