Announcing a new Video Series: “An Introduction to Digital Analytics”

A journey about making digital analytics videos extremely useful

Last week, we gave a presentation titled an “Introduction to Digital Analytics (And More)” to fellows at the Venture for America training camp.

As we were preparing for the presentation, the idea came to me to make the presentation so well-designed and user friendly that the fellows could take the slides I used and present them to their future bosses, surely impressing the heck out of them.

I communicated this idea to the fellows after the presentation and they were all are super thrilled about it.

For this reason, we have decided to revisit the presentations we have given to the fellows in order to refine and redesign the elements. We’ll also film videos that serve as sample presentations for those slides.

In addition to making slides designed well enough to be presented to their bosses (and yours), we are also going to attach worksheets, custom Google Analytics Dashboards, and other useful tools in order to make sure that you can use what we have presented in the day-to-day operations of your business.

In order to get this done (and because we’re spending most of our time on development at the moment) we have decided to break up the presentation into 15–20 manageable pieces. We’ll perfect and release one piece a week.

Hence, we are happy to announce our “Introduction to Digital Analytics” video series.


Since this series covers pretty much the same content as our Google Analytics video series it will replace it.

This series is going to be divided into four primary modules:

  1. Why is Digital Analytics Important — this section is geared towards convincing you and your boss that digital analytics is crucial for your business, B2C or B2B.
  2. An Introduction to the Customer Journey — this section offers you background on theories of the“customer journey”, and gives you an overview of popular analytics tools on the market .
  3. Introduction to Google Analytics — this section gives you an overview of how to setup Google Analytics, along with basic fundamentals of the tool such as metrics vs dimensions.
  4. Common Google Analytics Use Cases — this section shows you 5–6 common, and extremely useful Google Analytics analyses you can carry out to accomplish different goals.

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The first part of this video series (due next week) is going to discuss why digital analytics is important for your business.

Until then, I would like to say that I am extremely excited to create this series and hope it can provide you with some real value!

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