Introducing — Data Points 2.0

As you may know, last month we made the decision to bring our long-running “Data Points” series to an end.

It’s been exactly one year since we started the series and during that time we had a lot of fun curating and talking about articles every week.

However, over that year we also began to see a few flaws of the “Data Points” series as it currently stood:

First: Our original purpose had fallen by the wayside.

Data Points was designed to be a curation of the most recent digital marketing and technology trends however, there simply is not enough noteworthy news to curate every week, and we don’t think the smaller items are worth your time.

Second: many of the article themes were repeated.

While digital marketing is a vast world, after almost a year of curation we began to realize that most of the articles repeat the same few key principles over and over again.

We don’t want to run you through the same sermon on a weekly basis and, honestly, we are also getting bored of reading the same stuff every week. Some changes are needed to make the sure our readers are learning something new every week.

Finally: Data Points is not fun.

As fun-loving and erratic millennials, we are getting bored of writing and curating this series. As a result, our performance has suffered and the series has seen some consistent delays.

Thus, we want to create a new series in order to Make Data Points Fun Again (or MDPFA, for short). Here’s the plan:

Announcing Data Points 2.0

After careful consideration and deliberation, we have decided replace the old “Data Points” series with a series that we will tentatively call “Data Points 2.0”.

The new series will be similar to the old series in spirit, but differ significantly in the following ways:

First, the new series is going to be topic-based.

Every week, we are going to pick a topic in technology or digital marketing (such as SEO), and then curate articles, old or new, that are focused on that topic.

We will select five articles that are most representative of that topic, and also offer additional resources that you can explore if you’d like.

Second, we are going to make an audio-based “reading guide” that will be released alongside the article.

In the audio guide (which will be around 10 min), Zach and I will discuss the topic generally and explain, piece by piece, why we selected the articles we did for that week. .

We will also guide you through the main points of each of the articles.

All of these steps are designed to help you better understand and absorb the articles.

Third, the tone is going to be a lot more relaxed and fun.

As you may know if you are a frequent “Data Points” reader, our tone is always fun and relaxed.

With the introduction of the new audio complement,we’re going to double down on this approach. This will help make Data Points a truly enjoyable series for you to read and listen to and for us to make.

What’s next?

As you are reading through this, Zach and I are working on curating content for the first installment of this new series in which we will talk about a very general topic — digital marketing.

This installment will serve as a foundation piece of all episodes to come and we will try to release it by the end of this week if not early next week.

Remember, MDPFA.

As the editor of Analytics for Humans and curator for the data point series, I am incredibly excited to see where “Data Point 2.0” is going.

I hope this new series will bring new knowledge and skills to your workflow, while also bring you great joy when you are listening and reading through our contents!

Meanwhile, if you haven’t already done so, follow our publication at Analytics for Humans, and we will see you all really soon!

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