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We Use A.I. to Help You Take Actions from Your Digital Marketing Data

Our Dataslinger platform automatically identifies weaknesses and strengths in your customer journey, and help you set concrete, actionable goals around those journey metrics.


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The End Result for Analytics are Actions, not Insights

We would love to tell you that our platform helps you “tell a story from your data”.

But let’s face it, if you really want to listen to a story, you would go watch a movie or read a book, instead of staring at the home pages of your Google Analytics, not knowing what to do next to improve your digital presence.

As a busy analyst or business owner, you want ACTIONs from your data. You want to know what area of your business you should focus on, whether that’s acquiring customers, engaging with them, or making them buy. and Humanlytics can help you with that.

Our Dataslinger tool not only helps you establish a metric map of your customer journey so you know what metrics to track to get the information you need about your customers, we also provide a suite of tools for your to set goals around those metrics, and track actions you take to move towards those goals.

Humanlytics helps you take actions from your data.




Account group management

Manage data from all of your analytics platforms in place, whether that’s Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, or Google ads. Our algorithm will automatically filter out bot traffic and correct misclassified channels in Google Analytics so you get the most accurate data for your upcoming analyses.


Intelligent Goal and Action Tracking

Our goal tracking feature not only help you establish and set metric goals within your organizations, but we also help you identify what are key opportunities to help you move towards that goal. Moreover, you can record actions on our platform and we will tell you if the action you take actually helped you move towards your goals.

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Customer Journey Analysis

We have created an experience that will help you create a metric map along your customer journey, so you can capture even the smallest change in your customer journey and identify potential problems and issues as they happen. Our algorithm automatically detect anomalies in your customer journey data, and help you identify the area you should work on in your digital presence.


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